TechVelopment Denmark

We are an association of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, companies, organisations and funders that bring new solutions and innovative approaches to well-known global development challenges.

Solving some of the biggest global challenges require innovation, collaboration and courage. It is the intersection between sustainable business, technology and innovation (Tech-); and international development cooperation leading to improved well-being for people (-Development), that we call TechVelopment.

Our members contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by bringing solutions to some of the major global challenges within sustainable construction, access to water, green energy, education, health, agriculture, and financial inclusion for millions of people in lower income countries.

Techvelopment Denmark supports our members to share local and global networks, market insights, partners, experiences, and to mobilize capital for their projects. We believe in innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration to create sustainable global impact.

We are building a vibrant, thriving and well-connected ecosystem to scale and accelerate the best solutions to accelerate global change. Do you want to join our movement?

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Techvelopment Vedtægter

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