TechVelopment Report: Nordic Investment into Emerging Market Solutions

TechVelopment’s purpose is to support growth and impact opportunities for emerging market social entrepreneurs with connections in the Nordics. Our report entitled “Nordic Investment into Emerging Market Solutions: Challenges and Opportunities for Investors and Enterprises” from February 2023 aims to shed light on the most relevant ways to do this and the opportunities associated with increased entrepreneurial collaboration between the Nordics and emerging markets.

There is a tremendous potential to support the SDGs globally at scale by leveraging Nordic human and financial capital for accelerating emerging market impact-driven social enterprises that create widespread social and environmental impact. However, our report highlights that current social enterprise ecosystems in the Nordics that focus on emerging markets are only in an inception stage, where the solution pipeline is thin and the funding available to these entrepreneurs is limited as a whole, further narrowed by geographical and sectoral focus. These gaps point to multiple opportunities to support ecosystem, particularly through:

  1. Stimulating pipeline growth and support existing startups;
  2. More comprehensive and accessible financing efforts; and
  3. Strong partnerships in the Nordic entrepreneurial ecosystem

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