How can  innovation and entrepreneurship create a positive impact for people and communities in the Global South? Together with our member companies, 4Life Solutions and JamiiOne, we had a talk with Global Denmark podcast about just that.

We had a talk with the Global Denmark podcast about the mission of Techvelopment Denmark – and some of the people, voices and companies behind the association.

In the podcast, Johan Juel Jensen from 4Life Solutions – and one of the founders of Techvelopment Denmark – explains why he found it relevant to create an ecosystem for Danish tech startups with ambitions of solving global problems. That was the start of Techvelopment Denmark. One of the other companies who has been part of Techvelopment from day one is JamiiOne, who works to create financial inclusion through digital tools, and their CEO Charlotte Rønnje is also one of the voices in the podcast.

In the podcast, Johan Juul Jensen from 4Life Solutions, Charlotte Rønnje from JamiiOne, Mathilde Byskov, head of the TechVelopment Secretariat

You can listen to the full podcast here.